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About ZEBEX Core Competence
Devoted to WinCE Mobility & Omni Scanning since 1987
WinCE mobility and omnidirectional scanning technology are the cores of ZEBEX competence. Our rich experience has led to some sophisticated and best-selling products; please turn to the related pages for more information.
Makes WinCE.NET Family, Your Winning Edge at Work   Omnidirectional Technology, The Strength of ZEBEX!
With the application of WinCE operating system, ZEBEX holds a full range of handheld/fixed computers to satisfied customer's needs in all trades and professions. The terminals are furnished by world-leading manufacture's 1D or 2D laser engines or ZEBEX own-designed omnidirectional laser scan module. In addition, a unique set of Power Pack Utility software helps engineers to customize programs for different users and easily transform ZEBEX terminals to be a powerful yet user-friendly business partner.   ZEBEX has always been devoted to pursue the advance of technology and it is proud to declare its accomplishment of omnidirectional technology in barcode scanner. ZEBEX introduces a full range of omnidirectional scanners to fit all kinds of working environments. Characterized with unique dual-laser technology, reliable quality and competitive price, ZEBEX is honored to be your first partner realizing the most complete omnidirectional technology.
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