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About ZEBEX Design Award & Recognition
ZEBEX has never stop making investment in product development. We understand it is the time when IT products should be something more than specs and we are glad to see our efforts pay back as numerous design awards, including iF, red dot and Good Design. The glory of international design awards proves our ability to battle in the global arena and to satisfy our customers with world-class excellence.
Good Design Award 2015   Taiwan Excellence Award 2010

Z-6910 Superb Bi-Optical In-Counter Scanner
As the most anticipated product by ZEBEX in 2015, Z-6910 Bi-Optic scanner did not disappoint. With unbeatable 80 scan lines, the best in the entire Auto-ID industry, Z-6910 represented a significant milestone by ZEBEX and had been awarded the prestigious Good Design Award. The recognition proved once again our ability to delivering superior products and to satisfy our customers with world-class excellence.

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Z-6170 Hands-Free Single-Laser Omnidirectional Scanner
Elegant and functional, the newly-designed Innova leads the trend to the next aesthetical level. Its distinctive white/black color fits perfectly into places like bookstore, boutique and anywhere delicacy is a must. Unbeatable performance, top trigger button & LED indicator, bottom suction cup, angle adjustable hinge shaft, the Innova comes to be your dreaming partner of utility and beauty!

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red dot design award: product design 2010
COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation award 2009
  iF Product Design Award 2009

Z-6180 Advanced Dual-Laser Omnidirectional
In-Counter Scanner

Proudly ranked as ZEBEX flagship scanner model, carries unique dual-laser technology and unrivaled decoding ability. It includes a field-replaceable scratch-resistant window, "object-fly-by" automatic wake-up, built-in EAS antenna and industrial standard casting. It is an efficient business tool designed for high-volume applications like hypermarket, warehouse and manufacturing management.

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Z-3051HS Handheld High-Speed Laser Scanner
Z-3051HS is featured with its superb scanning performance of up to 500 scans per second. Its built-in Z-SCAN+ decoding technology guarantees decoding capacity and its standard stand of small footprint saves counter space. Libraries, retail stores, post offices and any other working places of heavy traffic will welcome Z-3051HS as their reliable tool.

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Good Design Award 2008   red dot design award: product design 2007

Z-3130BT Wireless Pocket CCD Scanner
Small in size but strong in function, Z-3130BT can be connected with most wireless devices; smart phones are certainly no exception. It supports 25, 000 times of scanning with 2 AAA alkaline battery, withstands 1.2M drops and meets IP54 standards. This handy scanner is to benefit your work with freedom and efficiency, the best solution for logistics, retail, market research and more!

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Z-3060 Handheld Omnidirectional Laser Scanner
The is an omnidirectional laser scanner with single-line scanning function. When handheld, its streamlined shape provides the best scanning experience. When on stand, it turns into a hands-free scanner. Such flexibility is most welcomed by medium-sized retailers, pharmacies, specialty shops, post offices, convenience stores and etc.

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iF Product Design Award 2007   Good Design Award 2007

Z-1070 Series Pocket-Sized Data Collector
Handy, portable and easy to operate! Z-1070 Series are cleverly created with CCD/laser scanning ability and optional BT mode connectivity. This reliable data collector allows simple one-hand operation and maximized scanning functionalities. The ideal applications include exhibition registration, market research in fields, patient checking in hospitals and other data collection works.

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Z-6070 Hands-Free Dual-Laser Omnidirectional Scanner
Featuring ZEBEX unique dual-laser scanning technology, Z-6070 supports omnidirectional and single-line scanning under both handheld and hands-free operations. Its powerful engine generates unbeatable top scanning performance, especially perfect for high-volume environments such as stock control, production line management and hypermarket.

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