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Fixed Computer
ZEBEX fixed computers are ideal for a myriad of uses, quickly being adopted in today's high-tech retail and marketing culture. Featured with cutting-edge auto-ID and IT technology and matched with TouchPOS, they can form an integral basis of various retail applications and realize fascinating marketing ideas. Just think of the possibilities – music/video CD previewing, multimedia product introduction, kiosk units and price verifiers of unlabelled merchandise – ZEBEX fixed computers make things happen.
Handheld Computer
With the ergonomic yet rugged form factor, ZEBEX handheld computers are versatile and ideal for express tracking, inventory control, administration management and healthcare. ZEBEX also provides a user-friendly software development tool for easy development of additional requirements and applications.
Z-2242 Z-217x Plus Series
Data Collector
A range of efficient data collectors designed for quick one handed use, each with an integrated scanner. Every hard-working data collector has been drop tested for durability and is simple to operate. A PC-based task generator makes system integration simple and allows for rapid development of custom applications.
Z-900xBT Z-9000 Series
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