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In-Counter Scanner / On-Counter 2D Image Scanner
Rugged, high volume, and high performance, ZEBEX in-counter scanners are capable of meeting the tough demands of high traffic environments. These dual-laser systems utilize proprietary Z-SCAN+ technology for advanced scanning, and are protected by rigid frames with industrial standard sealing.
Z-6910 Z-6182
Hands-Free Scanner
Every one of ZEBEX' hands-free scanners has been designed to combine a small footprint and ease of configuration with advanced scanning performance. They are hands-free scanners that will deliver improved streamlining to any POS, warehouse, or scanning environment.
Handheld Scanner
ZEBEX has an extensive range of handheld scanners for every application and every environment whilst always being comfortable to use and highly reliable. Choosing a handheld scanner from ZEBEX gives you the benefit of the superior performance of our in-house developed proprietary technology.
Z-3392BT Z-3272 Z-3392
Z-3060 Z-3192BT Z-3192
Z-3152 Series Z-3191BT Z-3251
Z-3191LE Z-3151HS <
Z-3190BT Z-3250 Z-3190
Z-3100 Z-3220
Scan Module, Engine, Accessory & MSR
All units are small, simple to install and benefit from the reliable performance of ZEBEX technology from the superior acquisition characteristics of our omnidirectional model to the world's smallest CCD scan modules that give you effective solutions for traditional uses, and the ability to integrate small scanning modules into new applications.
Z-5252 Series Z-5152 Series
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