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Warranty and Repair Policy (for Scanner Products only)

This new version of ZEBEX Warranty and Repair Policy (updated by 31 March 2008) will take effective on 01 April 2008. All shipment from 01 April 2008 will apply for the new version of ZEBEX Warranty and Repair Policy.


ZEBEX has established the following guidelines to give customers the best support and the shortest turn around time possible.

1. Warranty Period

- ZEBEX offers 2 years of warranty for standard items from date of shipment.

- "Standard items" refer to the product itself and its corresponding communication cradle, if any.

2. Repairs under Warranty

- During the warranty period, ZEBEX will repair or replace all defective products, which are returned at customers' expense to an authorized ZEBEX repair facility. Repaired items will be returned to customers at ZEBEX' expense.

- ZEBEX has sole unfettered discretion to determine whether a particular product will be either repaired or replaced. 

3. Spare Parts and Accessories

Warranty for spare parts, rechargeable battery and accessories such as cables are 90 days. Accessories are defined as the following items: cables, connectors, battery, AC adapters, holders, tabs, clips, holsters. 

4. Exclusions from Warranty

A product is treated as exclusion from warranty if:

- It has been found to be defective after warranty period is expired.

- It has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair, whether by accident or other causes. Such conditions will be 

determined by ZEBEX in its sole unfettered discretion.

- It is not manufactured by ZEBEX. Warranty period of such item is referred to the policy of its original manufacturer. Examples of such items include RAMs, CPUs, and so on.

- Product updates, reworks, and tests upon the request of customers are without warranty. 

- It is damaged beyond repair due to nature disasters, for example, lightening strike, flood, earthquake, etc. 

- Consumable items (laser diodes, LCDs, backlights, etc.) and software.

1. Obtaining RMA Number

- Fill in "RMA Request Form" to describe problems encountered in full details. 

- Submit "RMA Request Form" to your ZEBEX sales representative to obtain a RMA number. 

2. Returning Product for Repair

- Send product along with its accessories (cables, manuals, etc.) and corresponding communication cradle and (if any). 

- Ship returns merchandise through EMS or DHL and directly address to your ZEBEX sales representative. 

- Mark RMA number on the carton and enclose a copy of "RMA Request Form" in the package. 

- Attach an invoice and a packing list to the package. Note down the value of return item as "zero" and mark "Return item for repair with no commercial value" on the invoice.

Otherwise, additional customs charges may occur and are to be borne by sender. 

3. Service Charges

Services charges from ZEBEX will occur if: 

- Warranty period of the return item is expired. 

- "No Problem Found" (NPF) result is concluded, no matter warranty period of the return item is expired or not. A minimum of USD15/pc investigation charge will be levied by ZEBEX. 

- Return item, although within warranty period, has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair. - Product updates, reworks, and tests upon request of customers while warranty period is expired. If a product has been repaired by ZEBEX, and within three months after such repair the product requires further repair for the same problem, ZEBEX will conduct such further repair free of charge. However, this does not apply to a product which has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair during the three-month post-repair period.

*Including labor cost & spare part cost

4. Proforma Invoice

A "Proforma Invoice" (PI) will be sent out once a repair is complete. Customers are required to sign back PI within 48 hours upon receiving it.

5. Repair Turn-Around Time (TAT)

TAT definition: TAT = Receiving date - Shipping date

For products manufactured in-house by ZEBEX, the TAT as below. 

(1) One shipment of 1 - 3 pieces, TAT usually takes 2 - 3 working days.

(2) One shipment of 4 - 6 pieces, TAT usually takes 4 - 6 working days. 

(3) One shipment of more than 6 pieces, TAT usually takes 7 - 14 working days.

Items not manufactured by ZEBEX will be sent back to the original manufacturer for repair. This usually takes 10 - 20 working days.

TAT may be delayed if a customer: 

- Does not sign and return P/I within 48 hours upon receiving it. 

- Fails to pay A/R within due date. 

- Provides insufficient error description, such as "does not work", "failure". 

- Has modified the original design of the ZEBEX product. 

- Delays a reply or fails to reply to ZEBEX request for further information (such as application environment and configuration).

6. Repair Report

ZEBEX returns each repaired item with a "Repair Report" which shows the result of the repair. 

7. Custody of Repaired Items

ZEBEX will retain custody of a repaired item for 3 months whilst it is waiting for signed PI or payment (A/R). If a customer fails to respond within such period, ZEBEX will close the case automatically. 

8. Shipping Back to Customer

ZEBEX normally ships back RMA returns along with the specific customers' other product shipment or through EMS or DHL. ZEBEX is also willing to accommodate with customers' request for different arrangement, provided the extra costs of such alternative shipment to be borne by customers