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Effortless Integration, Superior Results


If your system requires scanning functionality, but traditional scanners are bulky and inconvenient for integration, ZEBEX has the perfect solution. Enter the Z-5112 GT, a cutting-edge 2D scanning engine delivering exceptional performance and speed in a compact size. With advanced features, this device effortlessly decodes 1D and 2D barcodes with precision and accuracy. Upgrade your scanning capabilities with the tiny Z-5112 GT and experience the future of efficient data capture.
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Connects You to a Contactless Solution


In the age of epidemics, non-contact scanning has become the go-to application for disease prevention. And, if you are searching for a multipurpose scan module for your non-contact application, look no further. A-50M Plus Omnidirectional Scan Module is a device so good that it outperforms scanners twice its size on the market.
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【Z-3100】A Classic That Continue to Thrive


When it comes to timelessness, nothing tops Z-3100, a venerable handheld scanner still going strong years after its introduction. The secret of Z-3100's success lies in its unrivaled functionalities and performance. First and foremost, Z-3100 provides an exceptional first-read rate and can decode large barcodes with an extended range of up to 300mm and a width of 102mm.
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Tiny but Mighty


Z-5652 Ultra may be small, but it’s big on performance. The 2D scan module is complete in every detail and has all the functionalities required to get the jobs done. The great features include exceptional motion tolerance, high speed scanning, and enhanced readability on reflective surfaces. All in all, it’s an ideal device for those looking to boost productivity through automation.
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Enjoy An Easy Way to Scan Barcodes


How much benefit can a Z-3272+ 2D handheld scanner bring to your business? Try it, and you will see the difference! Z-3272+ includes excellent barcode stitching capabilities, exceptional 1D and 2D scanning performance, GS1 and FMD format compliance, and the all-important durable design. With these incredible features, your workers will be able to scan almost all barcodes in just one try, even the poor quality ones. Needless to say, slow scanning will become a thing of the past with a Z-3272+ in your hand.
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A New Era is Coming


A new era is coming. Soon ZEBEX will be launching Z-3220 Plus, one of the most exciting and highly anticipated products of the year. As the upgraded version of the best-selling model Z-3220, Z-3220 Plus added a few critical refinements to its already impressive repertoire.
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The Healthcare Standard: GS1 Scanner Enables Safe And Reliable Vaccination Management


GS1 had long been a standard used in healthcare. It's proven to be effective and time-saving. With GS1 standard, a well-designed scanner like Zebex's 2D scanner can uniquely distinguish items and medications from development to the point of administration. In addition, using the GS1 barcode can help develop supply chain coordination, diminishing the danger of immunization redirection, item lapse, and prevent counterfeits.
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【Z-900x Series】Powerful Supporter in Supply Chain Industries


To operate seamlessly though, the right technologies such as the ZEBEX Z-900x Series data collector can play a vital role in strengthening your inventory cost management, reducing wastage rate, and increasing inventory efficiency. It includes advanced features such as 157g lightweight design, continuous usage up to 150 hours, 1.2m drop protection, easy-to-use software, and reliable IP54 seal. Best of all, no programming background is required.
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Healing Together with Antimicrobial Solution


Healthcare series is built with antimicrobial protection for additional peace of mind. it's our corporate social responsibility to bring hygiene and security to various applications including yours. In any case, we should refrain from unrealistic expectations for now and continue to follow safety protocols to ensure a healthy work environment. All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected periodically to reduce the chances of spreading the virus.
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【Z-8182】Beyond Your Imagination


The innovative device lets you embrace versatility with its exceptional first read rate and wide scan zone. Best of all, it excels in reading blurred or even broken barcodes and works under maximum light level. The device has unquestionably transcended the capabilities of standard on-counter scanners, which can only perform dull tasks at a retail store.
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