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The Healthcare Standard: GS1 Scanner Enables Safe And Reliable Vaccination Management


GS1 had long been a standard used in healthcare. It's proven to be effective and time-saving. With GS1 standard, a well-designed scanner like Zebex's 2D scanner can uniquely distinguish items and medications from development to the point of administration. In addition, using the GS1 barcode can help develop supply chain coordination, diminishing the danger of immunization redirection, item lapse, and prevent counterfeits.
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【Z-900x Series】Powerful Supporter in Supply Chain Industries


To operate seamlessly though, the right technologies such as the ZEBEX Z-900x Series data collector can play a vital role in strengthening your inventory cost management, reducing wastage rate, and increasing inventory efficiency. It includes advanced features such as 157g lightweight design, continuous usage up to 150 hours, 1.2m drop protection, easy-to-use software, and reliable IP54 seal. Best of all, no programming background is required.
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Healing Together with Antimicrobial Solution


Healthcare series is built with antimicrobial protection for additional peace of mind. it's our corporate social responsibility to bring hygiene and security to various applications including yours. In any case, we should refrain from unrealistic expectations for now and continue to follow safety protocols to ensure a healthy work environment. All equipment must be cleaned and disinfected periodically to reduce the chances of spreading the virus.
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【Z-8182】Beyond Your Imagination


The innovative device lets you embrace versatility with its exceptional first read rate and wide scan zone. Best of all, it excels in reading blurred or even broken barcodes and works under maximum light level. The device has unquestionably transcended the capabilities of standard on-counter scanners, which can only perform dull tasks at a retail store.
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5 Valuable Know-hows A SI Partner Should Offer


Scan modules are extremely common and can be found in various industries. Choosing the right scan module for the exact system, however, can be tricky due to variations in specification and design. In reality, the services offered to the system integrators are more instrumental to the success of the project than the hardware itself.
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Speed Up Your Management by Automation


During the lockdowns, supply management may become hectic and confused due to the remote working of employees. As a result, companies are turning to barcode automation and robotics to better manage operations. A robot like AGV can be programmed for various tasks and move between stations without a driver. The system can be used to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce personnel overhead.
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Zero-touch automation plays a crucial role in many industries amidst COVID-19. As people hide indoors for fear of contracting the disease, self-serving kiosks allow users to conveniently send or pick up their packages at safe locations even beyond the operating hours. It’s a valuable tool to keep people and businesses afloat during the pandemic.
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A Zero-Touch Revolution in Healthcare


With cases of no socomial acquired infections continue to occur, hospitals might be the new high-risk areas for transmission. To minimize personal risks, people now embrace contactless solutions like kiosk more than ever before. This change in consumer behavior also presents a great opportunity for the self-service industry.
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Healthcare Scanner May be An Anonymous Hero


Countries are slowly opening up and returning to normal, with governments easing up on restrictions and lockdowns. But, with numbers of the infected still high, great attention should be paid to the measures required to keep your employees and customers safe. Employees and customers are, after all, a company’s most important assets. With Healthcare Series, you can help stop the spread of the disease and life can be prosperous once again.
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What Is Your Ideal Healthcare Scanner?


What is your ideal healthcare scanner? Can your scanner be sanitized by alcohol and reduce cross contamination? As part of the global community fighting against infections, ZEBEX has always thought it’s possible to offer a healthcare scanner that everyone could use. Hence, through extensive research, the ZEBEX Healthcare Series is made. ZEBEX Healthcare Series adds a hygiene barrier, i.e. antimicrobial exterior to surfaces that viruses could otherwise survive on for hours or even months.
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