"We really like the idea of combining two scanners into one. Such design saves counter space and money. After all, we sell bargain and we'd love to
have a bargain."

"Using a barcode scanner not only streamlines our work and improves efficiency. The unexpected added value is that it makes the second-handed store look modern and up-to-date."

-- Store Owner

Release Date : 2011

Retailing is probably the most common place for barcode scanners. However, to open a shop is not necessarily for self-interest; we can sell things in order to do good. That's charity.

One ZEBEX customer in the western Europe is an international nongovernment charity organization. Its mission is to find solutions to poverty and injustice. In order to help those in need, it collects and sells fairtrade products and donated items in its charity shops. The second-hand yet good quality commodities include everything that you can think of: clothes, books, music CDs, toys, collectables, instruments and even furniture.

Since the charity shops are usually on busy streets and they need to accommodate as many items as possible in the limited space, ZEBEX Sniper Z-3060 appears to be the ideal choice. This reddot award-winning barcode scanner is built with both omnidirectional and single-line laser barcode scanning capability. The idea of combining two scanners into one makes it pretty handy. It is convenient in operation and saves space on the checkout counter. What's better, the shops now need only one scanner, instead of two. The cut of expense is important for every shop and especially vital for a charity shop where every penny counts.

SNIPER also works very well for the great variety of merchandise. In field, the scanner is usually in its default setting: hands-free omnidirectional scanning mode. It is especially convenient for items that can be put on the counter because in this mode, the scanner automatically scans and eads barcodes entering its range. When the clerks need to scan large objects, such as chairs and sculptures, they have the scanner off the counter and near the barcode on the specific object. This is a feature that is hardly available in other hands-free scanners. Besides, when they want the laser light to focus on some tiny barcode labels (for example, the one on ear rings), they simply press one button and convert the scanner to single-line scanning mode. The use of such a smart scanner improves their efficiency, impresses the customers and upgrades their image: Charity hops can be modern and high-tech.

Charity shops offer an alternative for people to help others and get a bargain. On the other hand, ZEBEX Sniper Z-3060is the alternative for business people to gain benefits of two scanners at the price of one. It is the business tool that you must have!