In the age of epidemics, non-contact scanning has become the go-to application for disease prevention. And, if you are searching for a multipurpose scan module for your non-contact application, look no further. A-50MPlus Omnidirectional Scan Module is a device so good that it out performs scanners twice its size on the market. The unique omnidirectional scan patternoffers five directions of scan fields, 20 scan lines, and strikes up to 1,440scans per second. Moreover, the scan module provides a practical compact cubic design and multiple interfaces for hassle-free integration. So naturally, it is a highly effective solution for your business.


A-50MPlus is packaged with productive features such as easy scan programming,replaceable cables, and changeable tones. The undersized device can be embedded in places where space is constrained. In addition, A-50M Plus boasts a maximum 20 cm long scan range, making it the perfect device for diverse data capture operations. Possible applications for the versatile device include Factory Automation, Self Check-in, Price Check Kiosks, and more.


Choosing the suitable scan module for your application can be difficult due to variations in specification and design.Therefore, the services offered with the hardware are just as crucial to the project's success. With over 35 years of Auto-ID experience, ZEBEX provides a wide range of support, including customization, real-time tech support, and reliable after-sale service. By combining the excellent A-50M Plus and the ZEBEX team's expertise, we can quickly develop a customized solution that optimizes efficiency and profitability just for you.

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