Healthcare operation requires a high-level of accuracy and proficiency in data management and may take hours if done manually. However, time is not a luxury that we have during this epidemic period. With illnesses such as COVID-19, a delay in diagnostic may make the difference between life and death. With all that said, ZEBEX is here to help.


Barcode technology tailored for healthcare can ensure that the patients are receiving the correct analysis. Supply tracking using barcodes can be beneficial to determine what life-saving medical supplies are required. Barcode verification also allows diagnostic of specimen testing to be automatically documented. It can prevent serious medical errors and reduce the mortality rate. 


ZEBEX strives to provide the most economical, yet powerful healthcare management tools with functions such as barcode stitching capability, flexible application, better performance at scanning regular and tiny 2D barcodes, device standby control, etc. So, if you want to improve staff efficiency, patient satisfaction, or even to improve community relations, please check our website to find the healthcare solution you need.

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