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Speed Up Your Management by Automation


During the lockdowns, supply management may become hectic and confused due to the remote working of employees. As a result, companies are turning to barcode automation and robotics to better manage operations. A robot like AGV can be programmed for various tasks and move between stations without a driver. The system can be used to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce personnel overhead.
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Zero-touch automation plays a crucial role in many industries amidst COVID-19. As people hide indoors for fear of contracting the disease, self-serving kiosks allow users to conveniently send or pick up their packages at safe locations even beyond the operating hours. It’s a valuable tool to keep people and businesses afloat during the pandemic.
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A Zero-Touch Revolution in Healthcare


With cases of no socomial acquired infections continue to occur, hospitals might be the new high-risk areas for transmission. To minimize personal risks, people now embrace contactless solutions like kiosk more than ever before. This change in consumer behavior also presents a great opportunity for the self-service industry.
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Healthcare Scanner May be An Anonymous Hero


Countries are slowly opening up and returning to normal, with governments easing up on restrictions and lockdowns. But, with numbers of the infected still high, great attention should be paid to the measures required to keep your employees and customers safe. Employees and customers are, after all, a company’s most important assets. With Healthcare Series, you can help stop the spread of the disease and life can be prosperous once again.
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What Is Your Ideal Healthcare Scanner?


What is your ideal healthcare scanner? Can your scanner be sanitized by alcohol and reduce cross contamination? As part of the global community fighting against infections, ZEBEX has always thought it’s possible to offer a healthcare scanner that everyone could use. Hence, through extensive research, the ZEBEX Healthcare Series is made. ZEBEX Healthcare Series adds a hygiene barrier, i.e. antimicrobial exterior to surfaces that viruses could otherwise survive on for hours or even months.
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Antimicrobial Material Can Bring Safer Lives


The demand for antimicrobial products had tripled around the world since the outbreak and people are starting to use them outside the hospitals. But what exactly is the principle behind antimicrobial products? In short, they are items made with antimicrobial materials like Silver Ion. It is often added to plastics to enable antimicrobial effect. When compared with regular plastics, Silver Ion based plastics displayed significantly lower growth rates of microorganisms after hours of no sanitization.
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A Cleaner Scanner, A Healthier You


To safely resume businesses, we recommend applying health strategies such as social distancing, daily temperature checks, and routine disinfection of the environment and work equipments. As a global citizen, it is our responsibility to be at the forefront of this transition to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our workers, starting with daily sanitation of the scanners.
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Wakanda in Asia: Taiwan is Your Trustworthy High-Tech Ally


In the AIDC field, ZEBEX is well-known for its quality of product making. Here at ZEBEX, Taiwan, we are proud to supply the “complete solution” to our valuable customers with the best-in-class industrial design, powerful performance, and easy to use functionalities. At this time of uncertainty, a trustworthy partner like ZEBEX is proven valuable. Please visit our website and check out all the items we have to offer.
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Healthcare Helper: An Efficient Way to Save Lives


Healthcare operation requires a high-level of accuracy and proficiency in data management and may take hours if done manually. However, time is not a luxury that we have during this epidemic period. With illnesses such as COVID-19, a delay in diagnostic may make the difference between life and death. With all that said, ZEBEX is here to help.
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Caring From ZEBEX


During this period of hard time, ZEBEX is still by your side. We are open as usual with supplies remain normal at this time. Please feel free to contact us if you need any technical assistance or have any product demands. In that respect, it is our sincere hope that we can get through coronavirus and recover from it as soon as possible.
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