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Caring From ZEBEX


During this period of hard time, ZEBEX is still by your side. We are open as usual with supplies remain normal at this time. Please feel free to contact us if you need any technical assistance or have any product demands. In that respect, it is our sincere hope that we can get through coronavirus and recover from it as soon as possible.
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【Z-5132】The Mammoth Launch of the Tiny Z-5132 Scan Module


In the beginning of 2020, ZEBEX is organizing a mammoth launch of the brand new 2D scan module,Z-5132 , a tiny device that can be used in Factory, Medical, Smart Retail and many other business fields. Z-5132 is loaded with some of the best features on the market and premium build quality so please make sure you don’t miss out on this great product. Tiny and easy to integrate, Z-5132 can fit virtually anywhere. It is designed for embedded applications such as Factory Automation, Inventory Management, Mobile Payment, Self Check-in, Medical, and Price Checker Info Kiosk.
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【Z-8082】2D Scanner: Secret Formula to Your Retail Success


Z-8082 2D Image On-Counter Scanner has state-of-the-art scan technology exceptionally designed to be brilliantly responsive and 100% reliable! Featuring an outstanding wide zone scanning ability, cashiers can scan items without constantly re-adjusting the scanner positions. What’s more, Z-8082’s great performance will allow your workers to scan virtually any barcode in any condition, even if it’s wrinkled, damaged, curved, or frost-covered.
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【Computex 2019 Highlight】A New Member Will Join the ZEBEX Racing Team!


ZEBEX’ latest product Z-5132 and fancy race car theme attracted many visitors’ attention at Computex 2019 . With quality as our number one priority, ZEBEX sincerely hope we can bring you the best AIDC experience when you use any of our products.
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【Z-6910 Series】A World Class Goalkeeper for Barcodes


Goalkeeper plays an important role in football games. As your last line of defense, he/she has to use any mean possible to stop the opposition from scoring goals. In like manner in a retail environment, a trust worthy scanner that stands in the last line of sales is just like a goal keeper in football. Needless to say, if you want to win a World Cup, you’d need a world class goal keeper helping you capture all your sales, a goalkeeper like ZEBEX Z-6910 Series, Superb Bi-Optical In-Counter Scanner/ Scale, world-renowned Good Design Award winner for its excellent design and performance.
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【2018 Computex】Let's Go PLUS


2018 is the year of “Plus” products and self-checkout solutions for ZEBEX. The wonderful trend can be found at this year’s Computex booth where mystical energy surrounds the Aztec themed decoration featuring stuffed tropical animals and giant totems. We could hardly contain our excitement about the event.
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【Z-8072 Plus】2D Image Hands-Free Scanner


Excellent Performance Anywhere. The Z-8072 Plus 2D Image Hands-Free Scanner provides great features with enhanced performance. The powerful 2D Scanner and the compact size allow users to aim intuitively with accuracy even if space is limited. Furthermore, it is designed to read barcodes off smart phone screens even when they are in low backlight settings. It is the perfect solution for any space-constrained environments.
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【Z-3392 Plus】Discover the Power via Samples


A powerful 2D image scanner, Z-3392 Plus can decode most popular 1D and 2D barcodes with superior performance. Features like multi-language support and clear LED display have been included in the Z-3392 Plus for productivity improvement and downtime reduction. It is so easy to use that it can be installed without a driver.
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【Z-3392 Plus】Quality is the Keyword


Hordes of factories open doors during the rapid industrialization and economic growth in Taiwan 30 years ago. It was the good old times. Stiff competition and globalization have since ended the golden era with a few surviving the decline. Only the best ones still stay in the groove 30 years later. Located in an inner city district in the southern part of New Taipei City, ZEBEX is one of the few shining examples of Taiwan Economic Miracle left today because of one reason: we produce top quality products.
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【Z-3392 Plus】Endless Possibilities with 2D Solution


Endless Possibilities with 2D Solution Happy New Year! What an amazing time 2018 will be for ZEBEX customers. We've got a boat load of fresh products with brilliant features that will surely entice you to come back for more. The upcoming crop of scanners will be more powerful, easier to operate, and more versatile than ever before. Please stay tuned.
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