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In a market filled with numerous similar products, ZEBEX retail scanners may widen your eyes with their great features. Thoroughly tested and enhanced towards precision throughout the years, ZEBEXscanners have gone through thousands of trials and errors.


We have worked closely with countless supermarket/retail partners around the world to incorporate functions that best satisfy their business operations. It is our core competency to support businesses and enable efficiency, growth, and productivity through customizations and personalization.


As a result, ZEBEX omnidirectional and handheld scanners top the chart with some of the best selling models in the world. A product can not become a best seller with just the hardware alone. It takes the combination of the best-in-class industrial design, powerful performance, easy to use functionality, and great before and after-sale services.

Z-8182Beyond Your Imagination

The innovative device lets you embrace versatility with its exceptional first read rate and wide scan zone. Best of all, it excels in reading blurred or even broken barcodes and works under maximum light level.(Read more...) 

Z-6910 SeriesA World Class Goalkeeper for Barcodes

Goalkeeper plays an important role in football games. As your last line of defense, he/she has to use any mean possible to stop the opposition from scoring goals. In like manner in a retail environment, a trust worthy scanner that stands in the last line of sales is just like a goal keeper in football.(Read more...)



Z-3220 Plus





Z-3392BT Plus