Warehouse automation takes many forms, including AGV and robots. It lets you track assets, reduce operation overhead, and increase tracking accuracy.


ZEBEX warehouse solution provides a wide range of 1D/2D scanners, scan modules, and data collectors that can help you better implement your warehouse automation, no matter what shapes or forms they are in.


The flexible devices are ultra portable so your workers can multitask on the fly. They are also really intuitive and easy-to-use, making them the ideal solution for any workflows and processes. 

Tiny but Mighty

Z-5652 Ultra may be small, but it’s big on performance.The 2D scan module is complete in every detail and has all the functionalities required to get the jobs done. The great features include exceptional motion tolerance, high speed scanning, and enhanced readability on reflective surfaces.(Read more...)

【Z-900x Series】Powerful Supporter in Supply

To operate seamlessly though, the right technologies such as the ZEBEX Z-900x Series data collector can play a vital role instrengthening your inventory cost management, reducing wastage rate, and increasing inventory efficiency.(Read more...)

Speed Up Your Management by Automation

During the lockdowns, supply management may become hectic and confused due to the remote working of employees. As a result, companies are turning to barcode automation and robotics to better manage operations. (Read more...)

Z-3392BTDo Wonders With Your 2D Problems

Z-3392BT by ZEBEX has wireless connection ability at up to 100M work range. It allows mobile employees to efficiently and effectively scan barcodes in challenging environments. (Read more...)