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ZEBEX scanners support various healthcare applications such as expiration date check on QR code items or ID check on prescriptions. The Healthcare Series is made with germ fighting material developed by scientists after years of research; the effects are both long lasting and practical in inhibiting microorganism growth.



Hospital administration work is fast paced, high volume, and time-sensitive. In healthcare application such as Patient Admissions, the use of barcodes can improve the work flow dramatically. For example, during a regular patient visit, nurses can quickly scan the barcode on the patient’s wrist band to gather personal information without going through piles of data. Thus, work efficiency is optimized.


Pharmacy operation requires a high-level of accuracy and precision. Designed for GS1 Standards barcodes that are commonly used in healthcare industry, ZEBEX scanners are the extremely effective tools in preventing medication errors. With industry leading speed and accuracy, users can simply point and scan reliably to ensure the right medications are distributed to the right patients.




A delay or inaccurate report in diagnostic can have serious consequences. Hence, itis critical that specimens are collected, processed and stored correctly. And because barcode labels are the foundation for most specimen tracking systems, choosing the right scanner like the ZEBEX Healthcare Series can help hospital avoid human errors and fast track the process. 

A Cleaner Scanner, A Healthier You

To safely resume businesses, we recommend applying health strategies such as social distancing,daily temperature checks, and routine disinfection of the environment and work equipments. (Read more...)

What Is Your Ideal Healthcare Scanner?

What is your ideal healthcare scanner? Can your scanner be sanitized by alcohol and reduce cross contamination? As part of the global community fighting against infections,ZEBEX has always thought it’s possible to offer a healthcare scanner that everyone could use. (Read more...)

Healthcare Scanner May be An Anonymous Hero

Countries are slowly opening up and returning to normal, with governments easing up on restrictions and lockdowns. But, with numbers of the infected still high, great attention should be paid to the measures required to keep your employees and customers safe.(Read more...)

Healing Together with Antimicrobial Solution

Healthcare series is built with antimicrobial protection for additional peace of mind. it's our corporate social responsibility to bring hygiene and security to various applications including yours. (Read more...)



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