Applying data management using barcodes can be extremely beneficial in manufacturing. With the right equipment and systems in place, barcodes can make your production seamless.


ZEBEX integration solutions include high speed scan engines, omnidirectional scan modules, and 2D image on-counter scanners that are designed specifically for manufacturing applications. The devices have been used around the world in places such as controlled access, food production, shipping automation, and more.


ZEBEX scanners' speed, effective scan decidability, proven reliability and performance are comparable to some of the world’s best name brands with more flexibility and reasonable price. We combine the best-in-class industrial design, powerful performance, and easy to use functionality into one affordable package.

Tiny but Mighty

Z-5652 Ultra may be small, but it’s big on performance.The 2D scan module is complete in every detail and has all the functionalities required to get the jobs done. The great features include exceptional motion tolerance, high speed scanning, and enhanced readability on reflective surfaces.(Read more...)

A Zero-Touch Revolution in Healthcare

With cases of no socomial acquired infections continue to occur, hospitals might be the new high-risk areas for transmission. To minimize personal risks, people now embrace contactless solutions like kiosk more than ever before.(Read more...)

Speed Up Your Management by Automation

During the lockdowns, supply management may become hectic and confused due to the remote working of employees. As a result, companies are turning to barcode automation and robotics to better manage operations.(Read more...)




A-50M Plus

Z-5112 GT

Z-5132 GT

Z-5652 Ultra

Z-8072 Ultra


Z-3392 Plus

Z-3272 Plus