In response to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issued by the United Nations in 2016, ZEBEX has established a vast scale of sustainable development goals in social, economic, and environmental aspects.

The sustainability of ZEBEX rooted in the business philosophy of"Environmentally Friendly Products Made in Taiwan." To achieve this vision, we believe that sustainable performance must be free from traditional thinking and converted into strategic indicators that can be measured objectively.For that reason, we adopt the "Continuing Value" strategy that uses environmental, social, economic, and other factors to shape our corporate competitive advantage and help us become a pioneer that sets benchmarks for the industry.


Environmental Sustainability

Implement energy saving and waste reduction,implement green operations

Climate change impacts the global economy and society, and we who live on the same land should work together to slow it down. Under the consensus of the world to save the environment, ZEBEX has also started to reduce its carbon footprint through software and hardware improvements and try to do its part to help combat the effects of climate change.


Community Participation

Participate in social welfare and benefit the disadvantaged in society

ZEBEX believes that while creating its own revenue growth, it must also help the social economy, accommodate the real needs of society, and create shared social value. Therefore, ZEBEX asks its colleagues to learn more about social welfare and contribute to the community through various services.


Corporate Commitment

Improve employee well-being and promote social stability

People are the cornerstone of business success. To allow each employee to play their strengths in their positions and achieve the goal of becoming a pioneer that sets benchmarks for the industry, ZEBEX values each employee's physical, mental, and mental health.We try our best to make employees feel happy, achieve positive changes to drive employees, and promote the natural stability of the company and society.

Corporate Governance

Strengthen corporate governance and deepen sustainable management

Sustainable management is no longer limited to the enterprise itself but should be extended to all relational supply chains. We collaborate with business partners to create shared value to continue to survive,breakthrough, and develop. We aim to adapt to environmental changes and implement corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities in operations. In doing so, we can create more potential development opportunities.

Partner Standards

Realize a sustainable and responsible supply chain

ZEBEX staunchly condemns any support for or engagement in mineral resource transactions from conflict-ridden regions. Our unwavering dedication lies in guaranteeing the alignment of our supply chains with globally recognized norms, thereby precluding any form of involvement in the sustenance of armed conflicts, violations of human rights, or ecological detriment.

We ardently procure minerals exclusively from sources that uphold legal and ethical requisites. To ensure an unequivocal absence of conflict-derived funding, we undertake a meticulous due diligence process coupled with a transparent approach to supply chain administration.

Our commitment extends to a collaborative partnership with our suppliers, urging them to uphold identical standards of excellence. This collective endeavor reinforces establishing a sustainable and principled supply chain, amplifying our contribution to a future of responsibility and longevity.