ZEBEX strives to provide the most economical and powerful omnidirectional and handheld scanners for retail and supermarket environments. Each scanner is designed for the heaviest of traffic and can be installed directly into a cashier's station, allowing goods to be scanned with a simple swipe of barcode.

Among those competitors ZEBEX impresses the customer with outstanding product performance plus reasonable prices. For that reason, ZEBEX omnidirectional and handheld scanners top the chart with some of the best selling models in the world.

Here at ZEBEX, we offer great services to customers, services such as collecting local commodities, analyzing the barcodes, and then revise our firmware so the scanners can read the local barcodes of special format.




Z-3392BT Plus

Z-3392 Plus

Z-6910 Series



ZEBEX scanners support various healthcare applications such as expiration date check on QR code items or ID check on prescriptions. The Healthcare Series is made with germ fighting material developed by scientists after years of research; the effects are both long lasting and practical in inhibiting microorganism growth.

ZEBEX,Healthcare Series,Hospital application


Hospital administration work is fast paced, high volume, and time-sensitive. In healthcare application such as Patient Admissions, the use of barcodes can improve the work flow dramatically. For example, during a regular patient visit, nurses can quickly scan the barcode on the patient’s wrist band to gather personal information without going through piles of data. Thus, work efficiency is optimized.


Pharmacy operation requires a high-level of accuracy and precision. Designed for GS1 Standards barcodes that are commonly used in healthcare industry, ZEBEX scanners are the extremely effective tools in preventing medication errors. With industry leading speed and accuracy, users can simply point and scan reliably to ensure the right medications are distributed to the right patients.

ZEBEX,Healthcare Series,Pharmacy application
ZEBEX,Healthcare Series,Laboratory application


A delay or inaccurate report in diagnostic can have serious consequences. Hence, itis critical that specimens are collected, processed and stored correctly. And because barcode labels are the foundation for most specimen tracking systems, choosing the right scanner like the ZEBEX Healthcare Series can help hospital avoid human errors and fast track the process. 


Z-3392 Plus-HC



Applying data management using barcodes can be extremely beneficial in manufacturing. With the right equipment and systems in place, barcodes can make your production seamless.


ZEBEX integration solutions include high speed scan engines, omnidirectional scan modules, and 2D image on-counter scanners that are designed specifically for manufacturing applications. The devices have been used around the world in places such as controlled access, food production, shipping automation, and more.


ZEBEX scanners' speed, effective scan decidability, proven reliability and performance are comparable to some of the world’s best name brands with more flexibility and reasonable price. We combine the best-in-class industrial design, powerful performance, and easy to use functionality into one affordable package.


1. A Zero-Touch Revolution in Healthcare

2. Speed Up Your Management by Automation




Z-3392 Plus


Z-5652 Ultra

A-50M Plus


Warehouse automation takes many forms, including AGV and robots. It lets you track assets, reduce operation overhead, and increase tracking accuracy.


ZEBEX warehouse solution provides a wide range of 1D/2D scanners, scan modules, and data collectors that can help you better implement your warehouse automation, no matter what shapes or forms they are in.


The flexible devices are ultra portable so your workers can multitask on the fly. They are also really intuitive and easy-to-use, making them the ideal solution for any workflows and processes. 


1. Speed Up Your Management by Automation

2. 【Z-3392BT】Do Wonders with Your 2D Problems



Z-3392BT Plus


Z-5652 Ultra

Z-900x Series




Barcodes revolutionizes the work processes in various sectors including the government and banking industry. To improve administration process, countless clients of ours have placed ZEBEX handheld laser scanners or image readers in their facilities for quick and accurate ID checking.

The great performance and accuracy of ZEBEX handheld scanners will allow your workers handle complex citizen services, ID certificates and documentation with ease. Needles to say, ZEBEX handheld scanners are the ideal devices for fast-paced working environments.

ZEBEX provide various handheld scanners to fit your needs and budgets. Each handheld scanner come with different scan engine and form factor. It doesn’t matter what your need is, we will have something for you!  


Z-3392 Plus


Z-3152 Series





To develop the automation solution, engineers need to consider a wide range of factors such as software protocol, connector capabilities, server configuration, etc.


A successful project largely depends on user-friendly products and efficient teamwork. Available design resources are also helpful in shortening the time of completion.


Whatever your needs are, ZEBEX experts are here to comply. Let us indulge you with our creative, customized designs, excellent real-time tech support, and reliable after-sale service. With over 32 years of customization experience, you can rest assured that our technologies will add value and efficiency to your project.


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Z-5652 Ultra

A-50M Plus