Barcode scanners are pivotal in many system integration projects, providing efficient and convenient services. However, implementing them in real-world systems poses challenges such as optimizing human-machine interactions and navigating diverse environmental factors. Professional expertise is crucial for tackling these complexities and ensuring seamless integration. With nearly four decades of experience, ZEBEX boasts a team of experts in Research and Development (RD), Field Application Engineering (FAE), and optical production at the factory level, serving clients globally with exceptional services. This adept team is dedicated to addressing clients' project needs worldwide, delivering exceptional services. Outlined below are the core services we offer in system integration, and we eagerly invite discussions regarding any supplementary requirements:

  • Business Interface: Conducting interviews to ascertain project requirements and furnishing prompt feedback.
  • Technical Expertise: Providing adept technical support and a diverse array of customization options in optics, software, electronic circuits, and mechanics.
  • Quality Assurance: Vigilantly upholding stringent quality management systems, spanning from research and development design validation to factory production, ensuring optimal quality assurance.

We encourage you to connect with us for further deliberations on specific requirements or any additional needs you may have.




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